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Thread: WODE playing gc isos on usb loader

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    WODE playing gc isos on usb loader

    From what i've been searching and reading on in the last few months, with crap results, i've found noway to play gc isos on uloader due to that #1 i have a soft modded wii and #2 gc games are a hardware issue anyway, not software. Would WODE be the first and only way to play gc isos from a usb device? Are all of us softmodders too soft in comparison to those with a drivekey, or who are already determined to get WODE, and won't be able to enjoy this incredibly convenient friggin feature?

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    Well here is the deal, since the original gamecube NEVER had USB support, then it goes to say that [unless you have hardware modifications] you can't run a USB device while the Wii is in "gamecube" mode. The Wii also turns off any networking, Bluetooth, USB, and Sensor bar applications while in "gamecube" mode.


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