Ok, so I have sys4.2u, Hbc, dvdx, bootmii as IOS, and a couple checker utils. I've also uninstalled the IOS249 stub and replaced it with CIOS38rev14. EarthBound works save for PSI Fire not making its full sound, and Fire Emblem 4 is amazing.

I'd like to install Preloader, since my bootmii is an IOS, and I want to make a backup of my NAND just in case. I've run into a couple bad wads freezing on startup, and some homebrew games have crashed my wii a couple times, but the system menu has always come back up. I reread the tutorial, but it was awkward about preloader, and I'd like to try not to modify any of the IOSes below 200 if I can help it for the sake of installing it.

So basically my question is, with what I have now, is there a way to make my wii preloader safe?