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Thread: play backups from disc channel v4.2

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    Arrow play backups from disc channel v4.2

    i have a problem launching backups from the disc channel
    wii specifications:
    v 4.2
    neogamma r7
    rev 14

    i launch the homebrew channel and then use the reboot with hooks
    my wii reboots and i open the disc channel ...., and it reads the backup(the conduit) but !! when i press START i have an error it says '' press the eject button and turn off your wii''

    can someone help me with this PLS!!

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    Did you try running the game straight from the Backup Launcher [ie. no hooks and no reboot]?

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    well i dont have a backup launcher channel
    but it works from the homebrew channel(homebrew channel->neogamma r7->launch DVD)

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    Then just run it from inside the homebrew channel, or you can get the NeoGamma Foreworder Channel and you can run it right from the Main Wii Menu. The only real way to play backups from the Disc channel are to either 1) get a mod chip or 2) install cIOSCORP [I don't recommend that as it messes with system specific IOSs so if you want to re-hack (say cause you did a system update by accident) then you have to uninstall cIOSCORP first.

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    ok !!
    well im gonna install the neogamma forwarder channel Thanks

    i was just hoping it can be done so it looks better but it is not important at all
    thanks for your time again

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