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Thread: Am I stupid....?

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    Am I stupid....?

    Been sitting at my comp for 15hours now still trying to put neogamma and cios38rev14 on SD card. The story so far... Downloaded rar file of both NEO7 and Cios38rev14 as advised. When extracted Neo shows 1 folder named NEOGAMMA and another SOURCECODE plus two read me files. Do I copy both folders and read me files as they are to my Wad folder, or do I open them and copy only certain files to my Wad folder...? Secondly for the cios38rev14 when I extract winrar it comes in a folder named cios38rev14 obviously. do I copy it accross as it is or do open the folder first and copy only certain files to my app folder on SD card..? I did try to install Neo through wad manager a couple of times but it just says error=-4100.
    I am losing it now..!
    Please help me before I top myself LOL

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    they cios folder will go in the apps folder.... then look at the neogamma stuff one should say neogamma.wad... look for the .wad put that in your wad folder...

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    whats confusing is when I download Neogamma7 and extract it there is no wad file in there. only DOL files ?

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    theres a link to neogamma wad in the nsmb guide:


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