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Thread: Usd device not being detected.

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    Usd device not being detected.

    I have a wii soft modded on 3.2U and tried a usb hdd portable which was not on compatible list. I ordered one that is on list but I have tried it and when running usb loader 1.5, it is not detected at all. I tried the Neogamma as well, and usbloader gx. All are failing to detect. Any input please let me know since nintendo gave me that new dreaded disc drive that does not play backups.

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    run firmware-updater_4.0u if u ok. it faciliates the use of Neogamma and usbloader_gx.
    and connect the usb_hdd to the lowr usb-port of Wii (with the console lays flat).

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    thanks, but is it necessary to update it for usb loaders to work?


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