HI I am an American living in China. I just bought a Wii but all they have are Jpn Wii. I wondering if you could give me some advice on modding it.

The first problem I encountered is what kind of mod chip it needs. Looking through the forum it seems that there isn't enough information to determine 100% what kind of board a Jpn Wii has based on the serial number.

I have included some extra info here.
Serial No: LJF137602016
Model No. RVL-001(JPN)
And its Copy Protected 2006. Don't know if that’s the year this Wii was made or if all Wii are Copy Protected in 2006

Again any help is greatly appreciated thanks again for all your help.

Also games here are very very cheap they are about 4 to 7 Yuan. $1 American is about 7.5 Yuan. The systems cost me the same price it costs in America. I have a feeling that these games are all bootlegged. When you buy a disc all you have a computer printed sleeve and the disc so I don’t think they are legit games. However they play on my Wii without a mod chip. The other thing is that the games might be stolen but they have a huge huge selection, and they can special order most games for you in a day or two, but they are all in Japanese.

Is there some way to mod the game so it can play on an unmodded Wii. Everything I have read is that you need a mod chip no way around that. The store owner told me for 200yuan I can buy a machine that will allow me to burn my own games. I could have misunderstood him and he was just talking about a mod chip. The translator I was with was saying that this machine puts some kind of a “watermark” on the discs so the Wii thinks that it’s an authentic game.

This girl’s English is good but she doesn’t know much about gaming. I have a gaming friend here and when he gets time I will go back to the store and ask him to translate in more detail what the store owner is talking about.

Thanks again for any help you could give me.