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Thread: Installing Neo and cios38rev14 Help..?

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    Installing Neo and cios38rev14 Help..?

    I have an SD Card with 2 folders. 1 FOLDER APPS 2. WAD. 1st folder contains wad manager, back up launcher,ios downgrader,data nand clean. the wad folder contains nothing. I currently have Homebrew installed using wiigator3 with back up launcher. I would like to install Neogamma 8 and cios38rev14.
    Can someone please tell where i can download the two and once downloaded "which part" of the extracted files specifically goes into "which folders"
    Thank you

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    the neogamma wad will go in your wad folder cios38 rev14 and that folder will go to your apps as a installer

    so wadmanager will be needed to install neo and the ciosrev14 will be in homebrew


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