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Thread: home automation and wii

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    home automation and wii

    I don't know how to ask my question, my home is completly automated and all voice controlled. What I want to do is put my wii in to my system which would be located in my basement and then be able to work the system from any tv in the house. My issue is changing games, so I guess what I'm asking is there a way of burning all my games on one disk or a way of saving them to a harddrive and calling them up without running downstairs to change games?

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    changing cd's aside, i'm not sure the wiimote signal strangth is enough to reach the wii from another room. Maybe it will, but I'm not up on the distance bluetooth can travel. Remember the sensor bar is doesn't actually "sense" anything.

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    the signals not a problem I've made that work fine just the issue of changing games sucks. For instance I have 6 rooms with tv's and a dedicated computer that has all my movies stored on it and anyone in any room can pull up any movie and watch it from a remote. The same with cable, all the boxes are in one room so if I'm watching pay per view and someone in another room wants to watch it they can, all that aside, I'm trying to finish it off with the wii so if there was a way to burn 10 games on one disk or a way to hook up a harddrive to it and store the games that would solve my issue.

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    As far as I've seen in this community your only solution will be two configure a 30 disk cd or dvd changer with a robotic arm and an actuator. The actuator of course being to hit the eject button.


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