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Thread: Why isnt it working?

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    Why isnt it working?

    Hello, today I downloaded WarioWare Smooth moves of the internet, and burned the iso onto a 4,7 GB dvd. However, when I inserted the DVD into my Wii, the Wii could not read it. And I am 100% sure I have modchip, and I have another hax0red game, which I bought from the dude from whom I got my Wii and it works awesome. Any help?

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    what color is your wii?

    100% sure you have WHAT modchip

    we need more info

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    Well, its white Please be more specific
    the modchip that helps me run hax0rd games.
    More info on what?

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    WTF is hax0rd games?
    like what chip
    what firmware how did you burn it
    this list can go on and on and on

    what other games work
    are you sure its not softmod

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    You lost me at the second line. Hax0rd aka hax0red aka haxored aka hacked aka pirated. OK? How can I check all those thingaofajiggs?

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    was it on a dvr?

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    Verbatim DVD-R


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