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Thread: ssbb dvd9 works for me maybe you

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    Smile ssbb dvd9 works for me on usb loader

    i have a lu64 wii 4.1u softmodded wii. i have usb loader gx 1.0 r815 i set this games settings to...

    video mode: system defualt
    vidtv patch: off
    game language: console default
    ocarina: off
    ios: ios 222
    parental controls: off
    error 002 fix: yes
    patch country string: off
    alternate dol: default

    i don't know if this will help i have all the videos working and it does not give me an disc error
    i have this un-scrubbed
    oh also i have the ssbb version 1.02 of the game its also ntsc i have now ran this with these setting twice and it worked. the other setting of IOS:249 would load the game but as soon as you went into the story mode and it loaded a video it give me a disc error but i changed the IOS to 222 and it worked so try it out and tell me if this helps
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    im dling ssbb atm but im not sure if it will work as it is only 4.7gb the only dvd9 torrents i can find have no seeds

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