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Thread: CSI Deadly Intent

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    CSI Deadly Intent

    Guys a little help please.

    Just got Csi Deadly intent and its not loading via neogammer r7 boots up to the 1st mission and then reboots the wii. Any suggestions i am running on 4.1. Think its a similar this to what wii sports resort did and had to change the config option to .dol then change back. Thanks Matt

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    I have looked at this link before posting my question and its not really much help. A couple of people have run cioscorp to load the disk but im reluctant to do this. Can anybody suggest anything.

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    Question: If you saw that link then why did you start another one?

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    Cause the link goes on for pages with no really answer try reading it.

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    Csi deadly intent

    I have read that IOS53 is needed to run the game and that this ios is only available through cioscorp. Can somone confirm this is the case. Do i need cioscorp to get the game to work and should i be loading cioscorp when i have custom cios. Someone please help as nobody seems to be replying at the moment.

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    Not sure where your info is from, IOS53 is available from many places including the nintendo servers and is installed via wadmanager, most wii's have this already because it is used for many games.

    The game runs, therefore it is highly unlikely it is a IOS problem, it's the fact that it resets at level one on most softmods that is the problem, mine runs perfect from disc with my chip, but like everyone else it resets via USB.

    Installing cioscorp is crazy talk in my language.

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    I'm having the same problem using neogamma r8


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