hi all i have a problem and wondered if you could help. heres how it goes:-
everything went sweet as a nut untill installing wad files at the very last stage.
installed....ios38-64-v3610 and ios50-64-v4889 with no problems at all but when going on to install ios53-64-v5149 it started installing and froze so i had to turn power off and back on and go back to wad installer then i installed ios53-64-v5149 again an it installed like a dream when going to the next wad(ios55-64-v5149) the same happend so i turned power off and back on and did it again with no probs( this time it installed), exactly the same happened when installing neogamma r7 but after powered on and off it installed.
so now i restarted the wii was delighted when i had neogamma as a channel, started up mario party 8(which i had borrowed from a friend to check if it was working) it loaded up through neogamma i clicked load game on dvd and it started to load. the game options came on where it asked if i wanted to start the game. and create a mario file etc then the screen went white and froze.

any ideas if i did anything wrong or if you think its the game itself?
cheers guys