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Thread: SD Card issues...?

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    SD Card issues...?

    Looks like my SD card is broken kaput, I took it out of my wii to install Neogamma and cios38rev14 . My wii is currently running Homebrew and wii gator 3 with back up launcher. My intention was to upadate to Neogamma and cios38rev14. If I buy a new SD card what files do i now need to put on it...? Do i need the same files as on my original sd card..? or can I put a set of new files on I am confused as hell now. Can somebody please tell me exactly what files I need to download to my new sd card and how I can get the neogamma and cios38rev14 installed on my wii now...Help

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    Everything that you need to run everything [such as IOSs and what have you] are already loaded onto the Wii. So take the time to think of this as spring cleaning, so just re-download the apps that you use and throw them onto the new SD card. The only thing that you will have to remedy is if you had Foreworder Channels installed, unless you have the exact program in the apps folder, then those foreworders will do nothing for you anymore.

    The only other thing you have to worry about is if you installed BootMii as boot2 and you made a NAND backup, and never took said backup off the SD card. But in that case if your Wii is running smoothly right now just go through the motions of making a new backup, and taking that backup off the card. Then placing that backup on your computer, or burn it to a CD.


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