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Thread: Help Help Help. write protected,,?

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    Help Help Help. write protected,,?

    Tried to put Neogamma and cios38rev14 today on my SD card but it keeps saying write protected, The lock switch is off and I managed to get data onto the SD card before so what has changed. I am going off my rocker now..!
    Please help

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    Ok so i have run into this problem quite a few times with quite a few people. The most common problem is that of the lock switch, sometimes it actually breaks and a small peice of plastic technically hits the "lock" part of the SD card. Secondly make doubly sure it's not letting anything write to the card, if you have a camera [or even another computer] that takes the card thats in your Wii, try using it in that other device. Report back and we'll see whats up


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