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Thread: possibly a dumb question (booting to wii menu)

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    possibly a dumb question (booting to wii menu)

    Sooo with lots of work I have my wii working as intended--

    the only thing that bugs me is that now it boots to the bootmii screen and I have to hit reset to get it to go to the main Wii menu. Is there a way around that? I really want to boot to the main wii menu like a normal Wii would but cant figure out how. Preloader has the option to set it to boot there.

    Is there a way to have it boot to the menu? If not can it be uninstalled without problem?

    Dumb question?

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    hi m8 start your wii and hold down reset at the same time u will go to preloader change then go to settings then set autoboot to system menu that will sort it for u m8

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    or you could just take the bootmii folder off your SD card and bootmii will never load back up unless you but that bootmii folder back onto your SD card


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