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Thread: NTSC games on PAL console with drivekey?

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    NTSC games on PAL console with drivekey?

    Hi Folks,

    Just fitted a drivekey (latest version) to my PAL wii. After messing around with a softmod for the past year I couldn't be bothered with all the IOS and cIOS updates and stuff so thought a chip would be easier.

    Anyhow it's fitted and working but I downloaded a couple of NTSC titles (Jilian Michaels fitness 2010 and guitar hero 5) and they appear in the disc channel but just have a black screen on trying to load.

    Wii is on system menu 4.1E and using bulkpaq media which I have loads of games on and are fine.

    I've read about iso patching but can't seem to find any up to date versions to download. What's the best region patcher to use and where can I get it from?


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    Did you set the DriveKey via the on-chip config menu to play PAL and NTSC games?

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    Yes tried with region override set to both on and off and same thing.

    Have just downloaded wiu1.1 to patch to PAL. Burning some discs now and will try tonite.


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