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Thread: Really Dumb N00b Question Regarding Channel Deleting

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    Really Dumb N00b Question Regarding Channel Deleting

    Ok, so I've recently entered into the Wii hacking scene having hacked it about 3 weeks ago. When I first hacked mine (4.1u) it had a backup channel which I didn't use at all because I found out there was a better backup channel (Neogamma) which could boot games directly from a USB, so I downloaded the Neogamma R6 wad file and installed it as a channel and been playing games via USB exclusively. Thing is, the old backup channel still remained, but instead of messing around with my Wii to delete it (fearing I'd cause an issue to the softmod functionality due to my inexperience) I just dragged and dropped it at the last channel page and left it to rot.

    Now I'm in some sort of a minor issue, I realized that newer games like New Super Mario Bros. Wii will only run on Neogamma R7 and above and not R6 (please correct me if I'm wrong), so I'll need to download the newer backup channels and delete the old ones to avoid clutter as time goes by.

    My question is, could someone please explain to me step by step how I can delete the old backup channel that's currently unused? I know it's pretty obvious, but like I said I don't wanna mess around with my Wii being inexperienced and screw up the softmod.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Well you could just delete the channel by just going into the Wii settings, but that leves remnents of the channel in memory, so the best way to totally obliterate a channel is to use AnyTitleDeleter, or the original .wad and use wad manager to uninstall.


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