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Thread: HELP!! Forwarders not loading

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    HELP!! Forwarders not loading

    I bought a Wii (3.0E system menu) and used Bannerbomb to install Homebrew Channel. I installed some FULL channels and it worked perfectly. I then installed some forwarders for GeexBox and CFG USB Loader but the forwarders do not work. When I try to run them, they just reboot back to the System Menu. When i run the same apps from the Homebrew Channel, it runs perfectly. I had another Wii before with a MODCHIP (3.1E) and can confirm that all these forwarders worked.

    Thinking it must be the old menu system, I upgraded to 3.2E using a NUS dowloaded wad, but the same problem occurs. I have the following installed:

    Upgrade to system 3.2E
    HomeBrew Channel
    CIOS 38 Rev 14
    Hermes IOS 222
    Wad Manager 1.4
    BootMii V3

    Also, I tried 2 different SD Cards but with the same problem.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and sorry if this has been dealt with before... I have done so much reading over the last few days that I am losing my mind. I always find queries like mine but no solution was provided to any of them.

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    Return to menu, at least in my experience, means it has not found the boot.dol at the location specified in the forwarder's code.

    I would check where these forwarders actually look for the boot.dol.

    e.g. My usbloader forwarder looks in sd:\apps\usbloader. If I changed the name to sd:\apps\usbloader1.5 then the forwarder would fail.

    Worth checking.

    Or it could be something else.
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    Hey Tealc... The thing is that these forwarders have worked before on my previous Wii which is what is confusing me. I have CIOS38 Rev14 installed so I doubt it is a IOS problem. What is worse, my Wii has a higher system menu than my previous one so it definitely can't be the IOS. I thought it could be the SD card but both cards give the same problem.

    Anyway, I would like to try your suggestion. Do you know of a way I can check the Forwarder WAD to confirm the destination directory that the creator used?

    Thanks for your help.

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    I don't know how to check the wad but the developers page would usually make a reference to the location they expect the boot.dol to be located in.

    I'd definitely check that before getting bogged down with other possible causes.
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    Well, i have tried everything short banging my head against the wall but still no go with getting the forwarders to work. I tried renaming the directories on my SD to exactly as how the USB loader zip file has it and even used different case letters when renaming but no luck. Every single one of my forwarders fail to work. I have tried on 2 SD cards in case it was a compatibility issue, but no go.

    Do forwarders rely on a particular IOS to work? Maybe one of my IOS's is missing. Please help... anyone.

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