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Thread: wad manager=weird problem

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    wad manager=weird problem

    hey all i have a funny problem, and ive searched and searched for an answer or even for someone with a similar problem:

    here's my specs first:

    softmii 2.1
    cioscorp 3.4
    homebrew channel 1.01
    wad manager v1.3, v1.4, v1.5, v-cios16

    i recently tried to install some wads and found out that my wad manager (1.3) was not functioning correctly anymore, as in not displaying wads. loads, but when i get to the spot where it says press a to continue, up/down to select ios, left/right to select storage device. no matter what i press it doesn't display anything anymore. just repeats the menu. when i press A, it doesn't list any wads no matter how many times i hit A it keeps saying press a to (un) install a wad file.

    i tried this with 1.4 and the new 1.5 as well. all do the same thing. so i thought my memory card is bad, well after 4 kingston memory cards i can confirm that is not the problem.

    i thought maybe the wads were bad but no matter what i put in the wad folder it just doesn't show up. wad games or cios/ios wads.

    when i tried to install an ios file it didn't display anything, it loaded, installed but when it was installing it didn't show any progress like before just a black screen then it says press any key to continue.

    ive never seen this before any ideas?
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    Just to state the obvious, they are in SD\wad.

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    yes they are on an sd card in the proper format sd/wad running wad manager through HBC


    ok so ive been playing with this i got some wads to show up, 1 at a time that is. now when i try to scroll down with the d-pad it just keeps displaying a new line of the same thing (whatever the wad name is and then says press (+) to install wad over and over again....)

    anyone have any ideas for this?
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