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Thread: Wiigator 3 Upgrade Help..!

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    Wiigator 3 Upgrade Help..!

    'm currently running Wiigator 3 back up launcher through the homebrew channel, But that is outdated cos its not playing new iso's, so I,ve been recommended to install Neogamma R8 and CIOS38.rev14. I'm just not sure where to put the files on my SD Card and if I need to delete any of the existing files on my SD Card or WII or just add. Could someone please give me a step by step guide on where to put these files to replace wiigator and install Neogamma and CIOS38.rev14
    Thank you

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    There's no need to delete anything.
    CIOS38rev14 if its a wad, should be in SD\wad, install with ws manager.
    Neogamma is probably a .dol, should be in SD\apps, install with HBC.

    Hope thats enough


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