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Thread: Rock Band 2 DLC on a External USB HD

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    Rock Band 2 DLC on a External USB HD

    hello everyone
    Im a newbee when it comes to wii testing (modifing)
    and was wonder if there is a way to
    put Rock Band 2 DLC on a External USB HD and play them in the game??

    thanks in advance for all the help!

    my wii is a 4.1U and I used
    New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii to softmod it
    allso have 222/232 done.

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    someone has done it:
    but unfortunately he doesn't say how to make it work....

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    yes thanks I had seen that
    but no one has said anything further about it so I thought I'd
    see if anyone figured it out.

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    Yes, I have been wondering this myself, anybody find any news on this besides dude's video?

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    The USB support that is out there is extremely flaky. It turns out only one person has got it to work successfully.

    That being said, I did develop a nice little program so that you can back up and quickly copy DLC to and from your SD and computer. It's much faster than redownloading the DLC, though a permanent usb solution would be nice.

    If you are interested in trying it out you can get it from my website. It has support for Mac and PC and the source files are there too.

    The DLC is only as up to date as the listing on the RawdSD site though, so newer DLC won't show up with the program.


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