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Thread: confused help..? :confused:

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    newbie..?confused help..?

    is it safe to update my mod chipped wii via internet...
    also how can i play a NTSC game on PAL wii......what do i have to do before i burn the game so that it wont get
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    If you update via Nintendo you will go to 4.2 to loss region free functionality of your chip until new firmware fixes the issue. Most chips have the ability to block updates, but you could use wiiscrubber to remove the update from the iso completely prior to burning it. Other than that your chip should already enable region free play. If you get a black screen you are missing an ios needed by that game and will need to install it.
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    I would use something like WiiFree [i think thats what it's called]. You could also do a softmod to your console and then use the force region settings in the loaders. I'm not much help in this arena as i don't have a chipped Wii.


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