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Thread: Little help please!!!

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    Exclamation Little help please!!!

    I bought a wii console (serial LEH32) menu ver. 3.4 . By newbie mistake i semi-bricked it when i installed the preloader. Saved it after installing IOS50-64-v4889.wad and SystemMenu-NTSCU-v385 but got into another problem. Ican't acces my settings on wii menu anymore. Q: will it brick if i try installing the same system menu but not ntsc (System Menu-PAL-v386) with wad manager? If this doesn't work will it brick if i install the system menu ver 4.1 the same procedure also pal? Big thankes in advance to you.

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    That is a good question, I don't know. All fixes I have seen for your situation involve updating from disk to a higher version. But it did not brick when you installed the 3.4u, so one would think it would be safe to reinstall the ios50, then 3.4e. But I would wait until one of the mods says its ok or not.

    How did you do that anyway?
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    I tried to reinstall ios50, worked fine, but when i got to install the 3.4e sys menu came up with an error 1022 as i remember. The final mistake i did was to uninstall the 3.4u sysmenu and restart the console. I said final because my wii turned into a wonderfull brick. Tooked her tot the store and got one new. I learned my lesson, that's what happens when you play little hacker. Now i don't want to softmod my wii's my personal choice do whatever you think is best this is not an advice.


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