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Thread: 3.2U.. Should I upgrade?

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    Question 3.2U.. Should I upgrade?

    Currently running 3.2U with a WiiKey2. I play back ups, not soft loading. Only softmods running are some IOS's and HBC obviously.

    Should I be upgrading to any OS or should I stay where I'm at?
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    i was there,but i updated to 4.1 to play some of the new games...
    if you have no need to play the new games (with the wii plus) then i don't seen any other advantages of updating...
    it's just a big pain lol

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    Well, I'd like to play some of the newer games though..
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    well i think only the new games requiring wii plus require 4.1

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    no dont update.... trust me went through hell tonight trying to get the channels on sd option.... so after i updated to 4.1 my wasabi wouldnt read any discs...
    my advice is to stay on 3.2 install CiOS38 rev 14, and put ios 38,53,55,56 you will be able to play all the recent games...needless to say i went from 3.2 to 4.1 then back to 3.2 took most the afternoon

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    I have a 3.3u and Im completely clueless of what im doing... Im trying to find a way of knowing what to do.. I dont even know if im posting on the right place... My wii is softmodded and I have homebrew but the beta version 8 and its been a while since Ive done any updating and now im completely clueless of what to do... I want to update so i can play 4.1 or 4.2 v games... can someone please help or point me to the right direction

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    getting a little lost here.

    I have 3.2U with WiiKey 1, version 1.9s i think. I wanna update so I can play New Super Mario Bros. I installed HBC last spring.

    Where do I download the cIOS files to add them to the wii? Can I just install each cIOS like a regular WAD?

    just found these WADS
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    I wouldn't use those wads if I were you......
    Come to the Irc room to get help or just have fun

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