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Thread: DVD Read Error 1101??

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    DVD Read Error 1101??

    Black Wii v4.2E Can anyone point me in the right direction, this was launched 4 days ago in the U.K. i have followed the guides and done a lot of reading of the forums, I've installed everything correctly, ive used imgburn to burn onto verbatim dvd-r discs....I keep getting DVD read error 1101...i understand that there is no clear answer on how to get round this, is it likely that I have the dvd drive that won't let me play back up discs? I have'nt tried usb yet but before i go out and buy a hardrive, i was just wanting to make sure i havent missed anything, thanks in advance....

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    "There is a new DVD drive chipset that is starting to emerge that will not play DVDR, if your Wii came with sys menu 4.0 on it then it could be one, the chipset is known as a D3-2 and the only way of telling if you have one is to open her up, but as this will invalidate your warranty you are better off trying to load DVDRs and if you just keep getting errors then it is a good indication that you have one. The USB loader will still work though so just follow the guide as normal."

    Sound familiar? If you want to exhaust disc possibilities-burn at those Verbatim DVD-Rs at speeds varying from 1X to 4X; if all fail then USB HDD it is for your Wii. Before you go out shopping for that external USB HDD, read through this:
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