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Thread: Wii Problems

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    Wii Problems

    I have been reading quite a bit here and have followed some of the advice so far. Here is my situation, a friend gave me a WII that is BSOD (Black screen of Death) and I have been trying to use Savemiifrii to fix it. I have modded a controller to allow me to push all the directions at once and I do get a version 3.1 on the screen. I have also found a game (Mario Party 8) which is supposed to have the latest software on it. I am not sure how to get to the System Recovery option or menu though.

    Can anyone help me on this?


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    dont quote me on it, as ive never used savemiiTHINGY but i assumed you loaded a disc with a update higher than your current system menu. search this forum for answers, as im not 100% certain

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    From what I understand you have the disc in your Wii, and it must be retail, you do the savemiifrii until you get the 3.1 thing and the disc is autobooted. I've never tried this but as Jamie says there are dozens of posts dealing with this.
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