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Thread: my nintendo wii w/d2ckey on EBAY!

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    Smile my nintendo wii w/d2ckey on EBAY!

    i recently put my modified wii on ebay...i know its prohibited that why i titled it

    "Nintendo Wii- region free"...i didnt put much info in the auction so it wouldnt attract ebay alert..just basically put the general info and to contact me with any is the link for it

    Nintendo Wii- Region free + more - eBay (item 320221749347 end time Mar-02-08 20:45:09 PST)

    i also have my new PS3 (80gb) bundle for sale..heres that link

    Playstation 3 Sports and Racing Bundle (80gb) NEW - eBay (item 320221049220 end time Feb-29-08 17:13:04 PST)

    if you have any questions pm me or email me at

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    The modded Wii was removed already....Please send me some info. and bottom $$$ that you want for it....

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    where can i get amodded wii from anyone.


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