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Thread: Need help with 2 Questions

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    Need help with 2 Questions

    Hello guys.

    I have a problem with my Wii. I payed a dude to hardmod my Wii and everything was doing fine, until update 4.2u came out and I did update it because the guy told me that I could do any update.

    The problem came after that. Now I can't play PAL and NTSC-J games anymore, I can only play NTSC-U backups now, I instaled the Homebrew channel and I'm using Gecko OS, but I want to play the games the way they were, putting into the disc channel and running it. This takes me to my 2 questions:

    1. Is there a way to fix it? How?

    2. How can I see what chip is inside my console?

    Thanks for your patience and thanks in advance for the help
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    you could prob fix it if you have a nand backup, before you updated, to restore it .

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    Quote Originally Posted by MachZii View Post
    you could prob fix it if you have a nand backup, before you updated, to restore it .
    And how can I see if I have it?

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    Please guys... I really need some help here.

    Is there a way to know what modchip i'm using by the software or do I need to open it up?

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    Well since the console was hardmodded, the warrenty is void, so it doesnt matter if you open it up. You should be able to tell where the modchip is located just by looking at the chip boards. It might say the chip brand on the chip itself. Now since you did update, what happened was it put all the settings the chip had back to default. Depending on what chip is in the console, there is probably a way to enter the settings and change them to allow region free games.
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