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Thread: ?HELP? WiiKey v1 1.9x 3.4e..Update?

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    Angry ?HELP? WiiKey v1 1.9x 3.4e..Update?


    sorry this is my first post, I've been searching forums for over 3 hours with out finding a definative answer Have not had the Wii out for a while and with all the WAVE 4 stuff on XBOX i dusted it off.

    Seems every thing has changed since hardmod chips but i have a wiikey running 1.9x (just updated it) and don't really wanna brick my wii or loose multi region gaming.

    I've got a couple of new games Jambo! safari... hoping it's as good as the arcade and Mario&Sonic winter olympics.

    both games are asking for an update so thought I'd check out what was happening and it all seemed very DARK!

    Does any one know what system cersion these games install?
    I'm a MAC user so don't have the wealth of apps to clean these games.. I have tracked down Wiigionfree which will help with the multi region bit but as i said before not keen on having a new door stop as that is where my xbox might be soon!

    help me WiiHck gurus your my only hope!
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    so now i've got WUM and have changed the update on mario and sonic as it was 3.4u Jambo! safari says it is 3.4e

    why when i put them in does it say Wii System Update? I'm on 3.4e already, I also have DVD update blocked on via wiikey config?

    once again i throw my self on the ground begging for help from the wiiHack masters

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    any ideas?

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    well due to lack of response I've had to update to 4.2e.... still working but can confirm loss of region free drive. any way to work around that? i've got wiigiionfree.jar and even ran it but sadly didn't work on mario and sonic winter olmpics.. i'll have to get the PAL version.

    loss of some great games like TC and full no more heros

    I'd have thought some one would have posted a reply... or words of wisdom (Q witty comments!)

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    That sucks. I was hoping for a response as well .

    Modding has changed alot since a few years ago...seems to be less help around.

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    yeah daddy..

    these people don't remember tape to tape on ataris c64 and cpc464... the Dr Nes, ST's, Amigas, dreamcast and PS1 days.

    these kids are quick to forget that this was going on before the internet and you used to have to go round yer mates house to work these things out. people had to work together, help each other out

    hope they get bull rammed in their bad red sectors... the xcopy poons!

    rant over
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    @ Hovis: dont know if you ever got this sorted but I used an app called freethewadsGUI for changing/making free region backups. I use pc so not sure what available on macs.

    P.s some of us still remeber LOAD"" + POKE"" on the old spectrum 48k!


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