***To whoever handles the user submitted guides. This is the other part of the Triiforce user guide (I had to split it into two posts because it has too many pictures). I didn't know that when I submitted the guide I wouldn't be able to see it to add a follow up post to it, so please don't take this as a separate guide.***

Step 6. Creating Game Pictures for Triiforce

If you can't find an image file for the game you can create one using a simple program called ShowMiiWads. For this example, I am using the Japanese PC Engine Dracula X wad.

1. Download the program from the link above.

2. Go to the File menu and select Open Folder.

3. Navigate to the folder with your wad files. Your wad files should load up in the list (as shown below).

4. Select the wad file from the list that you want to create a picture from.

NOTE: You will want to write down the code shown in the Title ID field. This is what you must name the image you are going to create or else triiforce will not be able to load the image for the specific game. In this example, the code is QAPJ

5. Go to the Edit menu and select Preview.

6. A window will open up with two list boxes at the bottom. You can cycle through these list boxes until you find an ideal image.

NOTE: The size of the image below is 256 x 192 pixels which is too big for Triiforce. The maximum size an image can be is 192 x 112 pixels.

Also, the files must be in .PNG format. (I haven't tested to see if other formats even work)

7. Click on the save button and name the image with the code you got from the Title ID field for the game in Step 6-4 above.

8. Next, create a folder called triiforce_mrc in the root of your SD card. This is the directory that Triiforce looks in for game image files.

9. Copy the image file you created for the game into this directory.

Step 7. Playing Games in Triiforce

Now that we have some games installed and the icons that triiforce will use, it's time to play some games!

1. Start up Triiforce using the forwarder.

2. You will be shown a prompt on the bottom of the screen that says < Use USB-NAND >. Press left on the directional pad of the controller until you see < Use SD-NAND > and press A.

Note: If you used the AUTO SD LOAD file from step 2 of this guide. You will not have to select SD-NAND. Triiforce will automatically load to the game menu.

3. Triiforce MRC will load and you should see all of your games like in the example below.

4. You can not use the pointer to select a game in Triiforce. You must use the directional pad. If you move to the left or right, you will be able to cycle through the different pages full of your Wii Ware games.

5. If you want to reorder the games select the game you want to move and press 1 or 2 on the controller. If you want to swap the game with another, select the other game and press 1. The games will swap positions in your list. If you want to just move a file into a position in the list, highlight the file you want to move, press 2 and then highlight where you want the game to be moved to and press 2 again.

6. Once you have ordered your games, press the home button on the controller and select Save Changes to SD. If you do not save the changes, the order of your games will revert to what it originally was.

Note:If you are using the original .dol file (the one where you have to manually select SD-NAND), you may get a code dump if you try to exit to Homebrew. If you are using the AUTO_SD_LOAD version from Step 2, the Wii will restart instead when you exit.

(Note to self, replace picture... )

6. Click on a game title to load it up and have fun!

Thanks to:
- Nicksasa, TheLemonMan and WiiPower for creating the awesome Triiforce app.
- marc_max for creating the Triiforce MRC program.
- Nicksasa again for SimpleFSDumper.
- Waninkoko for WadManager.
- ZX81 for the Wad2nand app.
- tripellex for the wad2nand batch file.
- Leathl for the ShowMiiWads app.