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Thread: Argon/d2ckey install needed - where to go?

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    Argon/d2ckey install needed - where to go?

    Is there anyone in or around the West Michigan area that can do a install on a d2c wii system?

    If no one is local where is the best place to send a d2c wii for modding, I was thinking .


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    I'm currently dealing with Ned Cifric in Salem, MA. It would have been done by now if it weren't for a mix up at the post office. It should be back Weds. His price was reasonable and like i said, it would have been a one day turn around but the post office made a mess; so he does get things done fast. I'll let everyone know when I get it back.

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    Two things I forgot, first off I'm in Ohio and I recently posed the same question about where to get a mod done with no close responses. Ned's # is (978)-269-4624

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    If you dont mind, what wii did you have modded and what was ned's price.

    I am currently looking at and he charges 150 for a d2c argon mod with a 1 day turn around.

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    I had the D2CKey put in. I wont discuss the pricing since Ned and I had an arrangement. Give him a cal and I'll guarentee he'll beat $150.

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    Thanks for the reply, has anyone else actually used Ned before?

    Does Ned have a email, so I can talk to him when I am at work.

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    No one on here has responded that they have used him before. In fact I thnk there are 3 people waiting on my reply to go ahead with him. You'll have to call him to find out if he has email. He answers day or night.

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    Have you actually got your WII back?

    Your post looks like your still waiting.

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    I posted yesterday that it wont be back until wednesday. So no it's not here yet. At the latest it should be here by thursday.

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    Can you post and let me know when you get it back.

    Just to insure you actually got the wii back and everything works.


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