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Thread: my Wii with D2Ckey installed

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    Thumbs up my Wii with D2Ckey installed

    I got a wii modified with the D2Ckey for christmas, ive played it a couple times and it works great. I have about 50-60 games (backups) for it but i unfortunately need to get rid of it to pay for some medical bills. I was refered to wiihacks if i wanted to sell it. I dont know how much to sell it for so im taking offers...It all comes with 2 remotes, 2 nunchecks, sensor, all necessary cables, and all games..I can either sell it as a bundle or the games and console seperately.
    The chip was professionally installed and not done by me. pm me if your interested..thank you

    i also have a modified xbox 360 premium with globe360 chip and a 80gb PS3 (unopened)

    here are some pictures

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    my wii on ebay


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