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Thread: Sending Wii to Nintendo Repair Center- Busted Disc Drive

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    Question Sending Wii to Nintendo Repair Center- Busted Disc Drive

    hey, I have a soft-modded wii version 4.1 and my disc drive gave out on me. It used to make grinding sounds when I tried to take the disc out that was stuck in it, so I took off the faceplate (no warrenty sticker removed) and got the disc out. It was apparantly jammed in there, but now my wii will accept discs but it doesnt grip them so you have to push them in and pull them out with something. Now here's my problem: I want to send it to Nintendo to get it fixed because I don't want to take it apart anymore, but will they look at the actual contents of the wii if it's a physical issue?i have custom ios's installed and one not paid for wad, the internet channel.
    Thanks in advance to anyone who knows.

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    Im not sure how nintendo repaires there systems, or if they scan the system for illegal software (IE softmodding, Modded/custom IOS's, blah, blah, you get it) when repairing a drive problem or somesort of hardware problem.
    I would say just incase, make your wii a virgin agian and then send it in.
    Or you can try and repair it yourself (i dunno how you would though, online guide?)

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    makeing your wii virgan isn't that hard,i think lol
    do that,then send it in

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