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Thread: Wasabi DX issues - backup games

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    Question Wasabi DX issues - backup games

    Hi guys, sorry for starting another thread, I have searched through multiple threads but my problem seems to differ slightly from others and I would really appreciate some specific help.

    I just installed my Wasabi DX at the weekend. As far as I know I have installed it correctly. I have set the pins to the PAL settings (All down but the 2nd one) as I have a PAL console. (Im over here in sunny Scotland )

    I can access the Wasabi menu fine by clicking eject 3 times, I can also play original games no problem.

    I cannot get the Wii to play backup games at all. I have burnt several PAL isos and get disc read errors every time, for the most part the wii doesnt even recognise what game it is. (The only game I have managed to get further in interestingly is an NTSC backup, this one was recognised, loaded and then got a disc read error after asking me to insert the nunchuck.)

    My Wii is running 4.1 firmware and I have updated the chip to 2.0 beta.

    The media I am using are Maxell DVD-R, single layer.

    Sorry for rambling but hopefully someone can help me better with all the details. I would be very greatful if someone could advise me what to try next.


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    The media I am using are Maxell DVD-R, single layer.

    above is 1 of your problems....

    verbatim or Taiyo Yuden


    made in Japan / singapore and a distant third is Taiwan

    imgburn at 4 X speed

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    I thought the Maxells were a decent enough make. Ive been using imgburn at 2x.

    I could get some verbatim discs to see if that makes a difference. Thanks.

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