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Thread: utterly lost in china

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    Unhappy utterly lost in china

    i bought a wii a few months ago. it came from the shop modded. i got homebrew (latest version), softchip loader, backuplauncher gamma, and usb loader v1.4 by waninaoko (sp ?). i recently moved far from the city, so i have no access to the cheap pirated games found in every electronics mall.

    i also have a macbook. i have a 180gb simpletech usb harddrive, a 1gb scandisk, and a 1gb flash drive.

    my wii only recognizes the scandisk card. it wont recognize and reformat my harddrive or flashdrive.

    and i dont think the usb loader functions right. no matter what i can only press the "a" button forcing an error report to exit the program.

    i found a lot of tutorials how to start from the beginning and install everything on the wii, i dont know where to start or what to do. any and all help is appreciated.

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    first of all, not to start with progarm Installers as u already hv more than enough in the Wii.
    visit the FAQ section in Forum. begin with Torrent finding, ISO download, ISO dvd-r burning with ImgBurn.

    get familiar with ISO, IOS and brick-prevention before u physically play ur games.
    hv some fun with SoftChip, BKLauncher, Gamma with the dvd-r copies.
    once ur backup copies are proved playable, shift to venture the Usb-Loader.

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    i am fairly versed in the art of torrent searching and dl. my macbook doesnt have a dvd burner, so my incentive to make playable copies is none. i will do a little homework concerning ISO, IOS and brick-prevention. i think i "get them", but some more research couldnt hurt.

    i guess i was hoping for a quick fix as i have recently dl some decent game isos and am itching to play them. plus i am driving my gf crazy trying to study this stuff.

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