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Thread: Homebrew channel wont' recognize wad manager?

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    Homebrew channel wont' recognize wad manager?

    Please help....Newb here. Softmodded everything fine. Now I want to install wad manager. I've moved the wad manager folder to the apps folder on my sd card but it doesn't show up in homebrew channel? any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    grrrr...all my other apps show up in homebrew channel except for wad manager! anyone else heard of this? any suggestions?

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    Ensure the name of the wad manager is boot.dol. Quite often Waninkoko releases files with descriptive filenames such as wad_manager_1.5.dol which need users to change them prior to loading.
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    THANK YOU !!! GENIUS! lol I should have caught that one. But hence my newb status.


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