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Thread: Newbie Neogamma R7 Installation

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    Smile Newbie Neogamma R7 Installation

    G'day all. My Wii is a couple years old now ans it is softmoded Twilight hack 0.3 gamma backup loader and have Homebrew which I paid someone to do. Ive had a few games that this wouldn't load Madden 10 and Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. Ive been told that I should use Neogamma R7.
    So my questions are Can I load Neogamma R7 without deleting the 0.3 gamma backup loader and without going onto the internet?
    What do I need and how do I do it. I have the Neogamma R7.WAD file not that I know what a WAD file.
    I really need a very simple step by step instruction and what I need or where I can get it?
    Appreciate anyone that can help.

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    yes, keeping both loaders is ok.

    run cios38_installer and install the NeogammaR7 wad file with Wad_Manager (the apps in homebrewchannel)

    forstep2step procedure,referto FAQ section in Forum.
    serach & read..

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    Hmmmm thankyou mate. But where do I get cios_installer and wad_Manager? Ok Wad manager is in homebrew so I assume I need the internet?????
    Do I just copy the neogammer wad file onto the SD and load it from there?

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    No you dont need internet for any of what your doing. Since you have the neogamma r7 wad, place that in the wad file thats on your sd card (if you already have wad manager on your sd card). If you dont have ewad manager, download it. You can easily find it on this site or google it. If you have nothing on your sd card at all, then create an "apps" folder. Once you download wad manager, make sure you save it to your desktop. Once downloaded, you should have a folder on your desktop called wad manager or something close to that with atleast 1 file inside. Really the only file inside that you need is the boot.dol file. Anyways move that entire folder onto your sd card placing it inside your apps folder. If your download also came with a "wad" folder, also place that on your sd card but in the root of the sd card so its next to the apps folder. Now youll place your neogamma r7.wad file in the wad folder. Now youll need to download "cios installer". once again youll place that downloaded folder in your apps folder. Then youll download "cios38 rev14. That will be in a wad format. Youll place that in the root of your sd card, so that youll have the apps folder, wad folder, and cios38 rev14 on the same page. Once thats all done, pop the sd card into your wii and load HBC. First youll want to install neogammar7 so run wad manager. Press A and then press A again for sd card. After that, the neogammar7.wad file should show up. Press (+) on the wiimote and press A to install. Once its installed press any button to continue and then press "home" on your wiimote to go back to hbc. Next click on cios installer. Once that loads I think youll be asked something about wanting to run this program (cant remember off top of my head). Anyways, get to where it asks what method you want to install. Youll select wad install (which is offline install). Install the cios38 rev14. I think it asks you what ios to install it as. make sure you install it as ios249. Once thats finished installing, get back to your wii menu and try neogamma r7 out. Once that loads if everything was installed correctly, down at the bottom of the screen it should say "cios249 (rev14).
    If I have helped you in any way, please thank me by pressing the little thanks button.

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    Hmmm ok well I have an SD card which I use to play DVD's through the Wii which has an apps folder in it and boot.dol. The files I have so far is WAD Manager V1.4.dol and Neogamma R7.Wad.
    Do I create another apps (Say apps1) folder and load the R7 and then load the files into that folder including the cios38 Rev 14 once I find it?
    The just follow ur instructions above and all is good????

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    Don't pay someone to mod your wii
    you can do it yourself -_-

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    lol. I already have about 6 months ago and they loaded 0.30 gamma back up loader which works fine on most games but some games like madden 10, Ashes and the new call of duty it wont play and reading some of the threads in the games they got it to work using neogamm R7. So being an idiot at this sort of stuff im trying to work out how I can load neagamma R7 rev 14 on my wii. I have so far WAD Manager V1.4.dol and Neogamma R7.Wad. I have a SD which I use to play DVD's through the Wii which has an apps folder in it and boot.dol. Im now trying to get or find somewhere that I can download cios38 rev14 and then try and find some very simple and clear instruction on how to do it all. Jasons34 was helpfull but I do need some more info for it to register in my thick skull lol.

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    ok I now have cIOS38_rev14-Installer. So Ive got WAD Manager V1.4.dol and Neogamma R7.Wad and cIOS38_rev14 Installer an SD card that already has an apps folder with application on it tat I use to play DVD's Via the wii. Now I need some very simple straight forward instrustion (Step by Step) to load it onto the WII. I dont want to brick it or stuff it up. This will be my first time.

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    It's very useful data for the new comer such me.


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