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Thread: Newbie - Bricked my Wii..Error 003

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    Unhappy Newbie - Bricked my Wii..Error 003

    I really dont know the jargon here but what i could read and make out from the threads here is that i had a korean Wii modded for US region. I am in India and all was working fine until i updated the wii using the nintendo update. Not sure how to come out of it. I dont have a clue whether i have a modchip installed or a softmod. How do i figure that out. And any pointers how to fix the 003 error.

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    if u could directly load games fm Wii Disc Channel without the use of any Loader (Softchip, Neogamma, usb-loader, ...etc.), probably got a modchip inside.

    for a korean Wii with modded us region, it's 100% softmod stuff. when it shows u #003, that's a "goodbye" kiss. u know ?

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