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Thread: Wii Fit Balance Board Question.

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    Us Wii Fit Balance Board Question.

    I have a question, does the Wii Fit Balance Board work with the game running through the USB Loader? Not sure how it plugs in, and I now my daughters Wii Sing it don't work because the mic plugs into the 2nd USB port.


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    The balance board connects via bluetooth like the wiimotes.

    As for your mic, install Hermes IOS 222/223 to get them working in the other port, be sure to set the game to run on this IOS.

    Just a side note, if you are running USB loader GX then check what rev you are running, below 749 requires hermes rev 3 USB loader GX rev 749 and above require Hermes rev 4.

    Hope that helps.

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