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Thread: Can I update from DVD,s?

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    Can I update from DVD,s?

    I have Wii with some chip inside and System Menu 4.1E. Also HomebrewChanel and DVDX installed. I download Guitar Hero 5 iso burned it, and at first start it requires an update. I have read that GHV just installs single WAD file for SD card support. Is it safe to update from DVD?

    I founs this topic, some people says that this update bticks their console.
    Guitar Hero 5 Forces Mandatory Wii System Update •

    P.S. DVD and console are both PAL.

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    You don't want to do ANY updates [either from disc or the big N], what you want to do is scrub the image [this takes out any system menu updates from the disc] then re-burn the image after scrubbing. There are also quite a few threads on this forum on how to get gutar hero 5 to work properly.


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