Hi, I have had a wii for a while, and i once did the homebrew and everything. I installed some sort of Cios and i can't really tell you everything idid. it's late right now and i will certainly do more research tomorrow but i was wondering if because i had my wii soft-modded before using the twilight hack as that was the only one out at the time, than my little brother came along and put in a new game he got sme time later and updated it and thus my homebrew no longer worked, would i have to uninstall anything or make it back to a "virgin" before doing anything. I am running 4.2U right now and it hasn't been touched. I still have some .wads that i installed and I can still play them.


this is the thread i found explaining everything and it certainly sounds straight forward. I really just wanted to make sure i was okay to proceed before doing anything to my wii because i have no idea if that would cause it to brick. The thread explains everything very nicely and i'll be sure to follow that but yea, i'm rambling because i'm tired, but really just wanted to know if there is anything i need to do. If more information is needed i'll becoming back in the morning so i can fill in any holes then. Thanks.