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Thread: Black wii - Modchip Question

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    Black wii - Modchip Question


    first i want say, that you guys do a great especially the TuT writers and the Brains behind the whole Software-Thing.

    I had read a lot of your post, now i had decided to buy a wii, i will the black wii, which must be the newest white wii, just with a black case.

    I had talked with a Modder in my home-city, we said to me, that now on the market are wiis, which you cant modified. He said that I must pay for a rebuild and a new Discdrive. At all 130 €, with all guarantees, 2 year of rebuild for chip and the rest of nintendo.

    I know there is a Softmod option, but honestly the risk is to high for me,
    i prefer to pay more and so i can sleep better. The brick-risk is and the option that nintendo can ban, is for me, to high compared with Chip cost.

    My first idea was to let make a chip, wiikey2, on and work with usbloader and a harddrive. But the Modder says, that even the usbloader can brick my wii.

    What do you think about it?

    PS: Sorry for the bad english. ;-)


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    in fact, either softmod or chipmod would cause u a brick if u dont learn well to manage and play the ISOs.
    buy ur Wii and read ur threads before shxts happen

    hardchip good for disc reading
    softchio need for usbHDD playing
    chipmod + softmod gives u almost 99.99999% recoverable if BRICKED.

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    Thanks for your answear.
    I think i get it.

    For less brick-risk i need modchip and softmod or a modchip with new discdrive.
    Its that right or is even with modchip a risk? The newest wiis will surely have firmware 4.2e, but there is only a problem for games from other regions?
    So i can without greater problems take a wiikey2 and make a softmod or change the discdrive.
    I ask because before i pay 130 euros, i will make sure that there will after that not happen bigger problems.

    So i think first i buy the wii, look what drive and firmware is will have und make then my decision. Maybe i start again to read about this things, it looks i dont have get all information that i need.

    But until that point, thanks a lot.
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