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Thread: Couple of quick questions, soft-mod 4.2u

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    Couple of quick questions, soft-mod 4.2u

    Hi all

    I was able to soft-mod my 4.2u Wii and thank you all for the help!!

    Couple of quick questions though..remember I'm a newbie for sure!!!

    Is it "safe" to now connect the Wii to the internet?

    And, can I download the Internet Channel from the Internet to the Wii or do I have to get a wad for this?

    Thanks all!

    Any help is appreciated!

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    New to this forum and just now broke down and bought a WII, from a friend (cheap).

    I would like to pick your brain if possible. I also have a wii that i got from a friend. It was bought from Target this year approximently 6 months ago. I have done a bit of research and many say not to try to mod your 4.2u wii. However I can't wait.

    What guide did you use? Where did you get your information? What type of chipset did you have? My serial is LU7172XXXX and when looked up, it results in an unknown. Which is probably a nice way to say that D3 chip.


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