Hey everyone, just wanted to ask some quick Q's,
1. Say IF I had a low level brick i.e. black screen of death. Would Savemiifrii work? I've got it working on my Wii at the moment which is running fine, the firmware version comes up at the bottom right etc, but say if I did brick on a low level, would I still be able to access it?
2. I remember having a black screen, but I was not sure if it was a low level brick/black screen of death, I can remember my Wiimote not connecting, I sent it to nintendo and they sent it back, it had FW 3.1 on it which was the one I downgraded to from 4.2, which is the the original cause of the black screen, so I was abit confused on whether Nintendo had done anything at all other than change my hardware so I couldn't install any modchips (I had a different serial number, thats how I know). How come my Savemiifrii didn't work then? does Savemiifrii only work on semi bricks or something?