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Thread: Bricked Wii

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    Bricked Wii

    Hi i currently have a wii that was on system menu 3.4e and is able to run backup games on the backup disc channel. My friend is the one who done all the hacking for me so im new to all this homebrew stuff. Anyways my friend was running waninkoko's 4.0 safe firmware updater. But apparently he forgot to patch a few ios that before running the updater and now my wii is bricked. It still turns on and the disc drive still works but all i get is a black screen. I've been hearing about a universal unbrick disc for so called softmodded/hardmodded wii's. Is there a way to unbrick my wii without using a modchip? if so can i please be referred to a guide that explains everything. thank you

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    That's a full brick, the universal unbrick disc won't do any good. Unless you had bootmii/boot2, then you'll have to send it back to nintendo.

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    it does have bootmii and boot 2 installed

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    Do you have a gamecube controller?

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    yer i got one

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    i tried booting it up with the gamecube controller...holding down all 4 directional buttons at the same time but still nothing showing up. (by the way its a retro powerwave gamecube controller).

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    Quote Originally Posted by gsalim View Post
    it does have bootmii and boot 2 installed
    if you have bootmii installed as boot2 then put your bootmii files on an sd card and load bootmii then load homebrew channel and wad manager.
    this may help you.

    I hear you say where are the bootmii files??? if you have bootmii on your wii you will have written bootmii files to an sd card. if you dont have bootmii files just google a download of them.

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    thnx ill give it try and let you know how it goes

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    ive decided that im gonna use a modchip to unbrick my wii. I just wanna know if it has a high chance of working on my wii. Cause my disc drive still works, green light comes on, only dark screen shows up, and i was still had the ability to make nand backups through homebrew. By the way it was on version 3.4e before getting bricked. also which modchip should i use and what is the best guide to follow to install it and unbrick my wii.

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    If you can't get the gamecube controller to bring up the system menu version in the bottom right corner of the screen then there is no modchip in the universe that will autoboot anything for you.

    Compare your Wii dvd slot flash against this video and tell me if it's the same.

    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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