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    Question Need a game recommendation

    Hello, me again, sorry to spam, but I was wondering, since of the reasons I bought Wii was to lose some weight, could you please recommend me a good fitness game that doesnt use the Balance Board? Not fun-wise, but efficiency

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    Try my fitness coach....think this might help yeah!!! Good luck...You can do it.

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    EA sports Active, the best one out there.

    Like most fitness games, you can turn balance board on and off. EA Active is very moddable to anyones fitness needs (I hear a new version is due out this month too)

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    The best way go to the park pump up your body better then the wii.

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    Hello I wanted to respond, I use the Wii for excersize not to lose weight but stay toned. I love Daisy Fuentes Pilates, Jillian Micheals fitness ultimatum and EA active. Wii fit is my all time favorite but you need the BB of course. If I were you I would get all of them and rotate. I work out 30 min to an hour 5 days a week and always alternate which game I use. Also make sure you drink enough water people say 8 glasses a day but thats not true. Lets say you weigh 200 lbs, you need like 80-90m oz of water a day.

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    ok, maybe I should be more specific, what games use ONLY the wiimote and nunchuk?

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    get the fitness coach that was the best no extra stuff with it

    but I love sport resort and ea sports active


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