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Thread: Rolling Color screen GC Backup launcher

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    Rolling Color screen GC Backup launcher

    I have a 3.4 softmod wii...Modded with Bannerbomb and bootmii

    Homebrew Channel
    Gecko OS 1.9
    Neogamma R7 am able to play wii backups on DVD and USB

    Now I am stuck with GC Backup launcher...
    I followed a guide with installing cMIOS rev3 installer....

    I then was able to launch Gamecube backup through HBC...However the menu screen rolls at start up(COLOR) unless I hit Y for NTSC...

    The screen stops rolling and the game starts (this case Super mario Sunshine)
    and the screen just rolls (again all color) can use gamecube controller but no buttons help the rolling.....

    So then I thought maybe it was my install so I downloaded MIOS 4 and installed that with the option of running games through wii menu....

    Cannot run games through wii menu and GC Backup channel still rolls...

    Hitting X once then A does nothing for rolling screen....

    Anyone help me??The game I have is supposedly USA....

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    I Have this same problom. My GC Backup os Mario sunshine wont boot up


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