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Thread: just completed 4.2 software mod need help

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    just completed 4.2 software mod need help


    i have just completed messies software mod, can any1 give me any idea where to download games from and what other software i need to get to run them?


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    NeoGamma R7 do i need this or another program

    hi, can any 1 tell me do i need NeoGamma R7 or is they a better program to use and also the best site to download games?

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    Google is ur friend, search: torrent wii ,and u will have ur answer

    and search: utorrent , app for downloading the games.

    search : imgburn, for burning the games

    search: winrar , app to unrar or unzip ( if the iso is packed in meny small files)

    u can use NeoGamma R7 to playe the games

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