Hi all. i ve recently bought a used wii which was already softmodded. it has homebrew channel wadmanager1.3 backup channel and neogamma7 installed. as you can easily understand i know nothing about wii hacking since i found everything ready and set. lately though i have problem running some games such as grand slam tennis which freezes in the"virtua tennis'' screen. i can not understand what to do to run this game... neogamma7 says i have to upgrade my cios from revision 7 because it was written for revision 14... how can i do this? would this solve my problem? please tell a solution which will allow me to play the older games i already can play... thanks in advance!!!

p.s 1: please tell me step by step what i have to do because i'm not only newbie but completely at a zero point with a wii which has already been hacked so i i am somehow starting from the middle and can't understand no matter how much i've read...
p.s 2:information: a] the homebrew channel menu:1.ios downgrader v1.1 2.backup launcher 3.cios installer 4.mplayer 5.mplayer-wii 6./apps/Anyregion changer 7./apps/anytitle deleater/b 8./apps/cios downgrader 1. 9.apps/custom wm/boot.d 10. apps/dvdx/boot.dol 11.apps/install shop ios51/b 12.apps/wad manager3/bo
b]when i press home at the homebrew channel on the top right corner of the screen appears :1.0.1 ios36 v4.18