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Thread: Cheat for gamecube games

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    Cheat for gamecube games

    is there a way to use cheat in gamecube game? i made a dvd with 3 games on it. if possible to put use cheat on gamecube games, will i be able to use cheat with all 3 game on 1 cd?

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    i found how to do it but it seen i need a thrid party memory card. anybody find a way to use a regular memory card or alternative way of using cheat for gamecube games?

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    I was able to use Action Replay with my Gamecube games on the WII
    by installing "GC Backup Launcher for Wii by WiiGator" the file was
    named "gcbackup0.2.rar" it did not work with the MultiGame disk I
    made, only seams to work with regular single game disks

    Found that file here

    GC Backup Launcher w/o SD card

    it also has a GameCube channel launcher wad that I installed and use
    to start the games

    I am using a cheap $5 off-brand 64mb GameCube memory card

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